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Marchetti Mafia trilogy
I was supposed to resist him. I was supposed to fight him. Instead he forced me on my knees before him, begging. Our shared past is dark, our secrets darker. And if I want the devil's mercy, I'll have to pay him my soul.
Our marriage was built on lie. And revealing the truth won’t set me free. I'm not the Mafia Princess he thinks I am. With a single stare, he took me. In his bed of depravity, he'll break me.
Her eyes drew my attention. But her soft trembling lips made her my obsession. No matter how hard she fights. No matter how far she runs. I'll always find her... and remind her of who she belongs to.
He made it clear from the moment he met me: Every inch of my body is his to ruin, every bit of my soul is his to defile, and in the golden cage he built, Lucas Valentino will break me.